A furniture haven spiced up with a touch of creativity and modernism by young designers

Millennials@Design is a new-curated gallery at MIFF to promote emerging creative talent in Malaysia’s furniture industry. No other force is more influential than the millennial generation when it comes to shaping consumerism and business.

MAD, in short, will be a permanent showcase to increase the global visibility of young Malaysian designers and help them build valuable connections within the international market place.

Manufacturers and buyers can expect innovative ready-to-market collections and ideas from over 30 young designers from Malaysia.

MAD is located in the foyer of the new and modern Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre, the co-venue of MIFF with PWTC.

2019 Millennials@Design includes the designers from FDC in Action, MIFF FDC 2019 Finalists, Pattern Banyak, TANGGAM by MITB and STIDC.

FDC in Action

A platform where past MIFF FDC winners work with manufacturer, presenting the quality product design and presentation, led by Philip Yap.

Pattern Banyak

‘Pattern banyak’, in which banyak means many or great quantity in Malay and Indonesian, is a colloquial slang found commonly in Malaysian conversations. When one is regarded as pattern banyak, he goes the extra miles in doing things the non-ordinary way.

Inspired by the slang term, re-appropriated culturally to celebrate the diverse and authentic attributes of Southeast Asia, through the showcase by a group of seven young designers.


TANGGAM®, the creation of MTIB (Malaysia Timber Industry Board) are recognised globally as a leader in innovative furniture design, with its main objective to promote the image of Malaysian furniture.

For this showcase, TANGGAM will introduce its TROPIKA 2018 collection (PAPAN Series) that consists of basic home main furniture, bringing the local tradition into a modern setting.

Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC)

Design talents from East Malaysia, Sarawak will showcase their brilliant designs thus gaining exposure and valuable experience.

MIFF Furniture Design Competition (MIFF FDC)

A platform for young creative minds to showcase their design talent and also to promote the development of the Malaysian furniture industry.

Visit Millennials@Design Showcase

Date: 8-11 March 2019
Time: 9:30am-6:00pm (8–10 March 2019)
9:30am–5:30pm (11 March 2019)
Venue: Level 1 Foyer, North Entrance, MITEC

Millennials@Design Photo Gallery

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